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Angola: Rare Glimmer of Hope In Fight Against Corruption

Via Ozy, an article on Angola: Not far from the flashy skyscrapers of downtown Luanda, the capital of one of Africa’s supposedly richest countries, is a public morgue. Celestino Chivava, who worked in the Angolan oil industry until he lost his job after the price collapse of 2014, describes how families wash the bodies of […]

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Courtesy of The Economist, a look at Angola: An industrial zone should be a noisy place. At the Zona Económica Especial (zee), a Manhattan-sized plot near Luanda, Angola’s capital, the only sound is birdsong. “My boss said to only show you the factories that are working,” a guide tells your correspondent. Yet all is not well […]

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Southern Africa

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a look at the economic prospects of several southern African nations: Over the past year, new leaders have replaced long-entrenched presidents in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Angola. Each country’s political environment has evolved since the changing of the guard, bringing opportunities for the type of economic development that wouldn’t have […]

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Angola: Needing a New Strategy for Globalization

Via the Atlantic Council, a look at Angola: Angola has long had a reputation of being a closed and secretive frontier market.  Despite Africa’s emergence as an attractive investment destination over the past fifteen years, opportunities in Angola remained hidden by the isolationist tendencies of its former regime. However, the new president, João Lourenço, is […]

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Angola In Crisis

Via The Washington Post, a look at Angola, where the sharp decline in international oil prices has hit the economy hard: As the price of oil rose earlier this decade, this capital city did as well. Glass skyscrapers soared above the rubble of a 27-year civil war. American pop stars such as Mariah Carey were […]

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Africa’s Imploding Petrostates

Via Foreign Policy, interesting observations on how the decrease in oil prices is setting off a dramatic shift in the economic balance of power on the African continent: Africa’s petrostates are crashing hard. A cool $115 in the summer of 2014, a barrel of Brent crude, the international pricing benchmark, now fetches below $40. And […]

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