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TAPI Enters Afghan Phase with Little Cash and Many Problems

Via Eurasianet, commentary on the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India natural gas pipeline project: It is the natural gas pipeline project that many have long said could never happen. But the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline, or TAPI for short, is taking another important step forward this month with construction of its most precarious section. If it is ever completed, the bulk […]

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Peaceful Afghanistan: Key to Regional Connectivity in South and Central Asia

Via The Diplomat, an article on how Afghanistan’s security and prosperity depends on its neighbors, and vice versa: Landlocked countries like Afghanistan are at a great disadvantage over their littoral neighbors with access to sea for regional and global trade. Naturally, the peace, security, and prosperity of landlocked countries depend on those of their surrounding […]

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How To Run A Bank In Afghanistan

Via The Economist, an interesting look at banking in Afghanistan: PEOPLE want to keep their money safe. Rather than stash it under the mattress, they turn to banks, often in return for interest on their cash. But the financial system can really only function if people can trust that strangers will not run off with their money. In […]

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Turkmenistan Turns Off the Lights in Northern Afghanistan

Via The Diplomat, a report on a recent trade dispute between Turkmenistan and Afghanistan: Within an hour of the new year, Turkmenistan reportedly shut off electricity to northern Afghanistan after the authorities in Kabul rebuffed Ashgabat’s demand for a 100 percent price increase. By January 2, following an agreement to extend electricity exports for a […]

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Afghanistan: A Hub For Central Asia?

Via India’s Daily Opinion, commentary  on efforts to position Afghanistan as a hub of Central Asia: South Asian economies are growing rapidly. According to the World Bank’s recent reports, the overall average economic growth rate for South Asian countries is forecasted to be 7.1 percent by 2018. This rapid growth has created a thirst for regional economic […]

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Reuniting Afghanistan with Central Asia

Via the Times of Central Asia, a look at efforts to reunite Afghanistan with Central Asia: In the time of the Great Game, Afghanistan was in the center of the struggle between the Russian and British empires for their influence on Central Asia. Nowadays, post-Soviet republics of Central Asia seek to build stronger economic ties […]

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