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World Bank Supports Critical Private Sector Investments in Afghanistan’s Energy Sector

Via The World Bank, a report on recent private sector investments in Afghanistan’s energy sector: World Bank Group Boards of Executive Directors approved today a financing package of $98.8 million consisting of guarantees, a loan, and swaps to support two gas-to-power energy projects in Afghanistan. The projects aim to increase the amount of domestically generated […]

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For Peace in Afghanistan, Economy Is Key

Via The Diplomat, commentary on Afghanistan’s economy: The role of a well-functioning and growing economy cannot be underestimated in contributing to the stability of a country. For the continued prosperity and stability of a nation, its economy must be constantly monitored, carefully managed, and creatively developed for sustainability, further growth, and ensuring prosperity. In Afghanistan, […]

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Afghanistan: Radical Economic Planning Needed

Via The Frontier Post, commentary on Afghanistan’s economic woes: In most of modern history Afghanistan has been a less developed economy, at some instances more underdeveloped than others, the problems with the Afghan economy, despite being home to rare mineral deposits that are worth trillions of dollars according to US surveys, is that it is […]

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Uzbekistan Focused on Developing Trade with Afghanistan

Via The Diplomat, a look at Tashkent’s efforts to increase trade cooperation with Afghanistan: Tashkent is set to become a dominant trade partner to Afghanistan as the two sides continue to negotiate on major projects. Uzbekistan has focused on fostering trade relations both globally and regionally. Tashkent has chased and negotiated various trade opportunities, and one […]

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Afghan-Uzbek Trade

Via The Diplomat, a report on how – with new initiatives and new infrastructure – trade can plays a dominant role in bilateral relations between Tashkent and Kabul: In May 2019, Tashkent launched an Afghanistan-Uzbekistan trade zone that will function within the Termez Cargo Center terminal at the Afghan-Uzbekistan border. The trade zone promises expedited handling of […]

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Afghanistan: Prospects and Challenges to Regional Connectivity

Via The Diplomat, a look at Afghanistan’s regional connectivity ambitions: Afghanistan’s strategic location has for a long time been touted as a competitive advantage for the country. The National Unity Government (NUG) has emphasized that Afghanistan’s economy will be transformed and economic growth achieved if the country can utilize this advantage and turn itself into […]

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