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North Korea: Economic Damage From Self Isolation

Via the Economist, a report on North Korea’s economy: The economy was not on the agenda when Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s dictator, appeared at a party meeting on May 23rd after his second three-week absence from public view in as many months. According to state media, the Supreme Leader promoted several military officials and […]

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Bizarre Bazaar: Iran – The World’s Best Performing Stock Market

Via The Economist, a look at why Iran has the world’s best-performing stock market: There seems to be no end to Iran’s suffering. It has struggled with one of the world’s worst outbreaks of covid-19. As it opens back up there are signs that it is being hit by a powerful second wave. Last year the […]

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Egypt’s Cratering Economy

Via The Economist, a report on Egypt’s economy: There was never much chance of social distancing in Cairo, a city more populous than most countries. Buses fill to overflowing, passengers dangling out of open doors. Millions live in informal settlements with streets barely wide enough for a sedan. And indeed, unlike many other Arab countries, […]

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Will Caspian Trade Flow into the Persian Gulf?

Via Window on Eurasia, commentary on the potential for north-south trade in Central Asia: Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan have agreed to promote the expansion of rail traffic from their countries through Iran to Oman and thus to the world ocean, a path that China will likely be the biggest beneficiary of and that will challenge Moscow’s […]

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The Time Is Now for a Trans-Caspian Pipeline

Via Real Clear World, commentary on the potential need for a Trans-Caspian pipeline: China will enter the post-COVID-19 era with many geopolitical advantages. Its lockdown is ending while many in the West are in the midst of theirs. Western policymakers have yet to reach consensus on how to decouple their supply chains from China. Beijing appears to be winning […]

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Can Mirziyoyev’s Reforms Bring About a Real Free Market Economy in Uzbekistan?

Via The Diplomat, a look at Uzbekistan, four years into its liberalization efforts: It has been almost four years since Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev embarked on a modernization mission through a series of political and economic reforms to repair his country’s poor global reputation as repressive and isolated country. By 2019, Mirziyoyev’s political opening aimed at […]

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