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Mexico’s Pemex: From Cash Cow To Resource Drain

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a look at Pemex: At the end of 2016, Pemex came up with a new strategy: it would focus exclusively on profitable activities. The plan, a no-brainer for most businesses, was a novelty for Mexico’s state oil company, a national champion created in 1938 after Mexico expropriated US and UK […]

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RSVP: Mexico’s Invitation To Foreign Oil Companies

Courtesy of Fortune, a look at the impact that Mexico’s recent decision – seventy-six years after nationalizing its oil business – to invite foreign companies back to drill might have upon Pemex: Mother Nature long coddled Mexico’s national oil company, blessing it with fountains of homegrown black gold. But in recent years she has gotten […]

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Mexico Opens Up Energy Sector

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a report on Mexico’s decision to open up its energy sector: President Enrique Peña Nieto has unveiled plans to change Mexico’s constitution and open up the country’s energy sector to foreign investors for the first time in 75 years, a move that could unleash billions of dollars of investment from […]

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Pemex: Unfixable?

Via The Economist, a look at Pemex, Mexico’s troubled oil firm: A JAR of crude oil, not much bigger than one of baby food, has pride of place in the office of Carlos Morales, the veteran oilman in charge of exploration and production at Pemex, Mexico’s state oil monolith. He handles it reverentially because it […]

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Pemex: How To Fix A State-Run Oil Monopoly That Hasn’t Returned A Profit In Seven Years?

Via Quartz, a look at Mexico’s efforts to reinvigorate PEMEX and Mexico’s energy sector: The time has nearly come for Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, to unveil his plan to reform Mexico’s heavily protected energy sector. But is Mexico ready? Peña Nieto is slated to propose a sweeping energy reform this week, which could come as […]

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Pemex/Petrobas: A Tale Of Two State Oil Companies

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a look at  Pemex and Petrobras: Shares of Petrobras fell sharply on Monday after the Brazilian state company reported a 12 per cent year-on-year decline in third-quarter net profit to $2.7bn. The next day Pemex, the Mexican state oil company, reported a $1.9bn quarterly net profit. But progress was huge: […]

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