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Lukoil, Cuba, and Venezuela

As adroitly analyzed in Stratfor (subscription required), Russian oil firm LUKoil’s plans to purchase a refinery in Cuba are on hold because of the difficulty of investing in crude production in Venezuela.  As the article notes: “…Russian oil firm LUKoil’s plans to expand into Cuba have been put on hold. LUKoil wanted to buy a […]

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Russia Moves On The Caspian; Back to Iraq As Well?

As neatly reported by Energy Daily,  Russia is moving swiftly to develop projects in its own self-defined sector of the Caspian Sea.  Russia’s move offshore means it is now joining post-Soviet republics Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan in developing their claimed national sectors of the Caspian, leaving only Iran – stymied by U.S. trade sanctions barring […]

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Uzbekistan and A Russian Energy Battle: Part of Lukoil’s Capital Flight Plan?

Via Stratfor (subscription required), a highly interesting analysis of Uzbekistan’s status as a large natural gas producer that is locked into Russia’s interests, even though it has many potential export options beyond its large neighbor. As the article notes: “…Uzbekistan, an often-ignored energy source in the heart of Central Asia, ranks among the world’s top […]

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SOCAR, So Good: Azeri-Kazakh Energy Cooperation

As noted by Energy Daily, the Azeri government is actively reaching out to Kazakhstan and Russia as the Caspian’s ongoing hydrocarbon development produces a financial windfall for all.  SOCAR, The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan, is beginning to export its services to Kazakhstan’s oil and gas sector by conducting onshore surveys, while Baku is also […]

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