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Iran Wants A “Strategic Partnership” With China

Courtesy of The Economist, commentary on China’s relationship with Iran: China commands a certain mystique in the Middle East. For politicians in Lebanon, broke and on the brink of hyperinflation, it is an atm waiting to dispense billions if they can only find the passcode. For the regime of Bashir al-Assad in Syria it is a deus ex […]

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With Shops Bare, Cuba Mulls Economic Reforms

Courtesy of The Economist, a look at Cuba’s economic plan: Long queues and empty shelves are old news in Cuba. Recently, though, the queues have become longer and the shelves emptier. Food is scarcer than it has been since the collapse in 1991 of the Soviet Union, which supported the island’s communist regime. Now shoppers […]

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East Timor : From Democratic Success to Failed Petro-State

Via Asia Nikkei, commentary on how East Timor went from democratic success to failed petro-state: “Like Bali before the tourism boom.” That is how I described East Timor — a young country brimming with hope — when I first arrived there to work as a correspondent in 2009. The factional violence of 2006-2008 had finally ended and […]

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Tajikistan: Is Energy Export The Only Way Out of The Revenue Dilemma?

Via Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting, analysis of Tajikistan’s energy sector: Low revenues and underdeveloped infrastructure are among various problems inscribed in Tajikistan’s energy sector. The authorities are seeking to invest in hydroenergy, which, as believed, will pave the way towards reaching the status of regional energy exporter. The issue of unreliable energy supply […]

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How China Can Tighten Its Belt and Road Initiative In Central Asia

Via South China Morning Post, commentary on how China should veer away from large-scale, top-down investments and seek to work with local companies to build sustainable projects that benefit Central Asians and minimize government corruption: This February, hundreds of residents of At-Bashy, a mountain town in Kyrgyzstan, gathered to protest against the construction of a new […]

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Kazakhstan: Economy In Transition

Via Global Finance, an article on how Kazakhstan’s evolution to a market economy hinges on diversifying away from oil and gas, with a lift from FDI: Kazakhstan occupies a position halfway between two systems, says Yerlik Karazhan, an independent economic analyst in Nur-Sultan, the nation’s capital. No longer a Soviet-style command economy, “We’re definitely going […]

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