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Turkmenistan: Iran, Saudis Dangle Exits From Energy Cul-de-Sac

Via Times of Central Asia, a report on Ashgabat’s efforts to diversify its gas exports and find investors in its hydrocarbon projects: Turkmenistan possesses huge natural-gas reserves but for now has only one buyer of its gas — China. As the Turkmen economy is experiencing a downturn caused by low gas prices in the world market, […]

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Empresa Polar: Feeding Venezuela’s Hungry Masses

Via Ozy, a report on He’s one of Latin America’s most private billionaires. But as Venezuela lurches through the worst economic, social and political crisis in its history, he’s also become something of a Han Solo figure, called on by the famished masses to fight for them. Lorenzo Mendoza, 52, doesn’t exactly come off as […]

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China and Central Asia

Via New Eastern Outlook, a look at China’s evolving relationship with Central Asia: As the centre of global development shifts towards the Asian Pacific Region, the geopolitical importance of Central Asia on the Eurasian continent has only been increasing. China and this extremely vast region, which is rich in various mineral resources, are closely linked both […]

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Iraq’s Kurdistan Plunged Into Financial Uncertainty

Via FDI, an interesting look at how the failed independence referendum and resignation of president Masoud Barzani have rocked the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and its investment potential: Seen until recently as the most investor-friendly destination in Iraq, the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) is now at its weakest point since pre-2003 following a failed independence […]

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China’s ‘Digital Silk Road’: Pitfalls Among High Hopes

Via The Diplomat, a look at how / if information and communication technologies help China realize its Digital Silk Road: In his speech at the opening ceremony of China’s 19th Party Congress, President Xi Jinping depicted China as a model of scientific and harmonious development for developing nations. Xi’s China wants to engage the world through commerce but also through environmental […]

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Mapping the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Via CSIS’s Reconnecting Asia project, a look at CPEC: The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a flagship project under China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Announced in 2015, CPEC has expanded to include as much as $62 billion of investments. In Pakistan, there have been a range of reactions. CPEC advocates have characterized it as a “game-changer.” Others […]

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