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Is The Dragon Out-Maneuvering The Tiger In Africa?

Courtesy of Africa-Asia Confidential, a detailed look at China’s and India’s strategic business initiatives in Africa.  As the article notes, China’s state companies have been advancing several billion-dollar petroleum and bank deals while India’s plans may be on hold: “…The Lagos State government, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and the China State Construction Engineering Corporation […]

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A Tiger In Oman

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an interesting look at India’s efforts to cultivate emerging markets of its own, such as Oman.  As the article notes: “…While Indian companies struggle to expand in neighbouring countries in south Asia, they are making considerable headway in the Gulf and Africa. Unlike their Chinese counterparts, many do so without […]

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A Tiger On The Prowl In Africa

Via Bloomberg, an interesting report on Indian Oil Corporation’s plans to acquire oilfields in Africa as part of a $1 billion overseas investment strategy.  As the article notes: “…Africa is top of our list to buy assets because it is near India and has good quality crude,” Brij Mohan Bansal said in an interview at […]

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Indonesia: Asia’s Hottest Tiger?

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an interesting report detailing Indonesia’s recent economic rally.  As the article notes: “…When Indonesia’s export market collapsed in the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the country didn’t look like it would ever get back into the regional manufacturing race. But the chairman of the investment coordination board, Gita Wirjawan, says Indonesia […]

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Argentina: China’s New Africa

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an interesting analysis of China’s interest in – and approach towards – Argentina.  As the article notes: Being a commodity-hungry emerging power with plenty of cash can be a frustrating occupation sometimes. The goods are out there, the price is right, but getting hold of the stuff (be it oil, […]

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Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s Dry Hole

Via The Associated Press, news that Nigeria’s state-run oil company is “insolvent” and needs $6.6 billion to cover its debts and fund future oil exploration in the West African nation.  As the report notes: “State Finance Minister Remi Babalola said that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. asked for the funding after acknowledging its costs far […]

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