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Iran’s Faltering Economy: Grasping at Foreign Current Debt “Straws”

Via Stratfor (subscription required), an insightful analysis of Iran’s current economic dilemma as the price of oil — Iran’s main source of revenue — has plunged dramatically in recent months.  As the article notes: “…Iran’s central bank has given permission to banks to issue foreign currency debt instruments as part of an effort to attract […]

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India & Russia: A Growing Petroleum Based Relationship

Via Energy Daily, an interesting report on the growing linkages between India and Russia through petroleum.  As the article notes: “…While India and China have booming economies, they share the similarity of both being energy-deficient and relying on imports. India is casting eyes across the Hindu Kush and is considering developing energy ties with its […]

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Gazprom Looks To Fuel Growth

As recently reported in The Financial Times, Gazprom – Russia’s state-controlled gas group – is “very comfortable” with commodity prices at present levels and is pressing ahead with its plans to increase capital spending next year, according to its deputy chief executive.  As the article notes: “…In June, it was the world’s third-largest company by […]

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Saudi Arabia’s Petro Optimism

As recently featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes, Saudi Arabia continues to feel bullish about its petroleum prospects despite the falling price of oil.  As the interview with Ali Al-Naimi, the Saudi oil minister and de facto head of the OPEC oil cartel, noted: “If most Americans had an opportunity to sit down with the oil […]

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Libya Pursues Eni

Via The Wall Street Journal, a report that Libya’s state-run energy fund plans to acquire a minority stake in Italian oil and gas company Eni SpA and might push for representation on Eni’s board.  According to the article: “…In a phone interview on Sunday from Tripoli, Shokri Ghanem, head of Libya’s National Oil Co., said […]

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Turkmenistan Today

Via The Wall Street Journal, an interesting look at Turkmenistan today: “…When it came to dismantling the legacy of Turkmenistan’s egomaniacal dictator, it was easy to know where to start: January. The late President Saparmurat Niyazov — a.k.a. Turkmenbashi, or Leader of the Turkmen — had renamed the month after himself and April after his […]

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