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Gazprom’s South American Deals

Via The Moscow Times, a report that Gazprom was among eight companies that signed deals to develop offshore gas fields with state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela.  As the article notes: “…The deals included U.S.-based Chevron, Italy’s Eni, Portugal’s GALP Energia, Qatar Petroleum, Malaysia’s Petronas, Argentina’s Enarsa and Japanese companies Mitsui, Mitsubishi and Itochu, in a sign […]

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Iran and Turkey: Increasing Maritime Cooperation

Via Energy Daily, an interesting report on that Iran and Turkey have recently signed a memorandum of understanding on maritime cooperation.  As the article notes, while this – at first glance – might seem a minor news item, it has – in fact – great potential commercial and military significance, as both countries not only […]

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Sun Is Shining on Morocco, Tunisia, and Lebanon

Interesting perspective from Portfolio Magazine, noting that Morocco, Tunisia, and Lebanon are the only countries among 70 tracked by the MSCI that have stock markets in positive territory this year.  As the article notes, it is nice to know the sun is shining somewhere!

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Via The Oil Drum, an excellent analysis of Libya’s oil production and consumption patterns, plus some projections going forward. As the article notes: “…The country’s oil production has steadily increased since sanctions where lifted, now approaching 1.9 Mb/d. In the first part of September 2008, Libya received an official visit from US secretary of state […]

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Iran’s Options

Via Stratfor (subscription required), an interesting analysis on Iran’s option of “cozying up” to Moscow and using that relationship as leverage in talks with the West, or potentially considering Western offers of accommodations and an energy relationship. As the article notes “…Russia’s resurgence and subsequent confrontation with the West over the intervention in Georgia has […]

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Iran & Venezuela: Building an Energy Axis in South America

Courtesy of Reuters, news that Iran, Ecuador, and Venezuela have agreed to build a refinery and a petrochemical unit in Ecuador.  As the article reports: “An agreement was signed between Iran and Ecuador on cooperation in the oil industry and showed the will of the two countries’ presidents to increase cooperation in economy and politics,” […]

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