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The Iron Silk Road? China’s Western Rails To Form Link With Central Asia

As reported by Xinhua, China is planning to start construction on two railways linking its westernmost Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region with the central Asian nations of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in 2008.  Upon its completion in 2010, experts say the railway will provide a faster link between western China and central Asia and improve the […]

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Pakistan: An Investment Opportunity?

As noted by an interesting blog titled Green Views-Rupee News, Pakistan – despite the political turmoil, assassinations, riots and bombings we read about in the media almost every day – still represents a sound investment opportunity. As the report notes: “…the fundamentals of the Pakistani economy are sound. Arab and Asian money is still flowing […]

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Developing Economies Face Reckoning

As The Wall Street Journal recently reported, while today’s global economic crunch was made in America, the pain will be shared by developing nations from Turkey to Thailand since many emerging markets are reliant on exports to rich countries.  While local sources of economic growth, including consumer spending, have taken root in China and elsewhere, […]

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Scramble for Africa…The “Final Frontier” of Conventional Sources of Oil

As reported by Reuters, high oil prices and the onslaught of resource nationalism from Russia to South America have sent Western majors delving ever deeper into the waters of the Gulf of Guinea, triggering a new scramble for Africa.  As the article notes: “…Unlike more established oil-producing regions, the Gulf of Guinea offers easy access […]

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The European Pipeline War: Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, and the World

As noted by Steve LeVine at his Oil & Glory blog, Vladimir Putin recently racked up another in a string of unbroken victories in the European Pipeline War as Gazprom purchased a majority stake in the state oil company, NIS, and joined Russia’s South Stream Pipeline consortium. Last week, Bulgaria signed onto South Stream as […]

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Dinosaurs at the Tar Pit (4) / Needed: A Refined Approach to Refining

Another day and more articles on the demise of Big Oil and the rise of The Seven Sisters. As Rig Zone points out: “…Three years ago, the top six names on the PFC Energy 50 ranking of the world’s largest oil & gas industry companies were ExxonMobil, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Total, Chevron and Eni. […]

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