Is New Russia-China Gas Pipeline A Threat To Turkmenistan?

Via, a look at how Russia – with the new Power of Siberia pipeline – is threatening Turkmenistan’s position as China’s largest source of gas: Russia’s mega-project to export its gas to China, the Power of Siberia pipeline, came online December 2. By 2024, the pipeline is expected to deliver 38 billion cubic meters (bcm) annually. […]

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Iran Faces Deeper Economic Peril

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, commentary on the precarious state of Iran’s economy: While Iran’s sanction-battered economy has sparked protests across the nation, U.S. officials cite new intelligence suggesting Tehran’s finances are more dire than previously thought and bringing it closer to a financial crisis. Tehran’s sophisticated sanction-evasion efforts have offset some of the losses from plummeting oil exports due […]

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Who Will Win Ethiopia’s Telecoms Race?

Via Mobile World Live, commentary on the likely contenders if/when Ethiopia’s telecom market is opened up: In 2020, Ethiopia is set to split its telecoms monopoly and open the market to competition. The move will represent a rare opportunity for operators to enter a huge country with a large proportion of unconnected citizens and low data penetration […]

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New Silk Road In Action At China-Kazakh Border

Via The Asia Times, an article on the Silk Road in action at the Chinese-Kazakh border: We are cruising on a pristine, 380 km-long four-lane superhighway from Almaty to Khorgos – finished in 2016 for $1.25 billion, 85% of the cost covered by a World Bank loan. And then, suddenly, riding parallel to us, there’s […]

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Russia’s Three Gas Pipelines to China and The West

Via Oil and Gas Daily, an article on Russia’s three gas pipelines to China and the West: Russia, the world’s top gas exporter, is planning to launch three major natural gas pipelines in the near future. – Power of Siberia – Billed by Russian President Vladimir Putin as “the world’s biggest construction project,” the giant pipeline will send […]

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Afghanistan Cricket Team Turns The Market From Monopoly To Perfect Market Competition For Investors

Via Eurasia Review, an interesting OpEd on increasing competition for sponsorship of the Afghan national cricket team: Over the last five years, entry into Afghan markets has become tougher for both national and international ventures. Kabul is now turning into a confined market having legitimate laws for both fresh and experienced investors. The sports industry […]

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