Undersea Internet Cables: Geopolitical Tensions Tugging At The Wires

Courtesy of The Conversation, an article on the geopolitics of undersea cables: If you’ve ever emailed a resort in Fiji or Vanuatu about that long-awaited holiday, it’s likely your email travelled through an undersea internet cable. Such cables carry much of the internet traffic around the globe, in conjunction with underground fibre connections, satellites and […]

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Economic Opportunity in Central America’s Northern Triangle

Via CSIS, a look at the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador: The Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador face numerous political and economic issues that contribute to the overall instability of the region. Existing issues of weak governance, lack of security, and unequal economic growth have been exacerbated by […]

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Afghanistan’s Fate Will Be Shaped by Geoeconomics

Via Geopolitical Monitor, an article on the impact of geoeconomics on Afghanistan’s future: Geoeconomics was originally defined by the strategic thinker Edward Luttwak as the logic of conflict expressed through the grammar of commerce. As such, it represents an analytical model that is appropriate to examine the involvement of geopolitical forces in the economic sphere […]

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Ethiopia Invites Bids For 40% Stake In Ethio Telecom

Via The East African, news of the Ethiopian Government’s plan to invite bids for a 40% stake in Ethio Telecom, one of the most profitable companies in the country, with some 45 million subscribers: The Ethiopian government on Tuesday announced that it has launched a bidding process for private investors to buy a 40 percent stake […]

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New China-Myanmar Corridor Creating Economic Opportunities

Via China.org, a report on the new China-Myanmar corridor: At the end of August, the first batch of cargo arrived in China’s Sichuan province via the new China-Myanmar corridor. The goods started out in the Port of Singapore from where they were shipped through the Indian Ocean to Yangon, before being transported on to China […]

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Afghanistan’s Highway 1

Courtesy of The Economist, a report on Afghanistan’s old problems and new challenges, as explained by the road linking its biggest cities: Cars swerve from one side of the road to the other as they jockey to avoid the deep ruts in the decaying asphalt. The traffic passes the ghosts of American posts as it slaloms […]

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