Asian Investors Doubt Myanmar’s Military Regime

Via The Economist, an article on Asian investors’ outlook on Myanmar: When tanks rumbled into Naypyidaw, Myanmar’s capital, on February 1st, the man who sent them there, Min Aung Hlaing, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, tried to offer the public reassurance. Though the civilian leadership had been supplanted by men in fatigues, the coup, […]

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Nigeria’s Cratering Economy May Become Africa’s Biggest Threat

Via Bloomberg, a look at Nigeria’s weakening economy: If there was ever a time Nigeria could have taken off, it was in 1999. Democracy had been restored, with its economy reopening after decades of mismanagement and plunder under military dictatorships. Tomi Davies, a systems analyst, was one of thousands of Nigerians who came home to […]

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Has the Trans-Caspian Pipeline’s Time Finally Arrived?

Via The National Interest, an article on the Trans-Caspian Pipeline which is intended to transport Central Asia’s vast natural gas resources to European energy markets via the Southern Gas Corridor: Since the United States first suggested the project in 1996, construction of the undersea Trans-Caspian Pipeline (TCP) has remained on the agenda without completion. TCP […]

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Vietnam and Kazakhstan: Stand Out Investment Opportunities

Via International Investment, a report on why Vietnam and Kazakhstan stand out as investment opportunities: Save for China and a handful of Southeast Asian countries – seen as some of the ‘winners’ of the crisis – emerging nations are expected to suffer more from the lockdowns and slow administration of vaccines, and will take longer […]

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Doess Global Road To Clean Energy Economy Run Through Myanmar’s Murky Mines?

Via The Diplomat, commentary on Myanmar ‘s control over the supply of critical metals for clean energy products: Kachin State in northern Myanmar has a long history of armed groups using illicit gold, copper, or iron deposits to fund insurgent activities.  Lately, reports have been trickling in about a free-for-all scramble for the control of another group of […]

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Cuba Is Making Its Own Smartphone – With China’s Help

Via Vice, a report on Cuba’s efforts to make its own smartphone: The Cuban government is gearing up to produce what almost every Cuban wants – unless it’s made in Cuba. A new smartphone.  The project is part of Cuba’s attempt to catch up to the tech revolution — although on its singular terms. In […]

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