North Korea: A Kimdom Awaits For Investors

Via the Asia Times, a look at how, while many investors are salivating at the prospects in North Korea, a handful of players are already seeing profits: In offices overlooking the Yalu River in Dandong, China, at a rural real estate agency just south of the inter-Korean DMZ, and among the glass and steel office […]

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Turkmenistan’s Economy – Half Empty or Half Full?

Via The Times of Central Asia, a report on Turkmenistan: Although official statistics reports economic growth, the economy of Turkmenistan is experiencing a severe crisis, with the population suffering from periodic shortages of some staple food products. We are republishing this article on the issue, written by John C. K. Daly, originally published by The Jamestown […]

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Settling Caspian Issues and Realizing the Trans-Caspian Energy Corridor

Via The Diplomat, an article on Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan’s aims to diversify their energy export markets: The recent announcement that Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on June 21 approving the a draft convention on the legal status of the Caspian Sea appears to generate new possibilities for Central Asian energy producers. The lack, to […]

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North Korea’s Neighbours and Investors Eye Asia’s ‘Pre-Frontier Market’

Via The South China Morning Post, an article on investor interest in North Korea: North Korea might seem the last place anyone would want to do business – a “hermit” nation born out of conflict and ruled for decades by a ruthless dynasty, a country with dilapidated physical infrastructure, lacking the rule of law and contact with most […]

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The Finance Wunderkind Putting Georgia On The Map

Via Ozy, an interesting article on George Bachiashvili’s focus on the Republic of Georgia: George Bachiashvili always seems to get ahead of himself. He started school at 4, opened his first business (an Internet café) at 13 and finished high school at 15. But with his more recent spate of successes, there’s been a certain […]

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A Bet On Belt and Road: Can Kazakhstan Become The Success Story of Central Asia?

Via the Belt & Road Advisory Group, a look at Kazakhstan’s role in China’s BRI: Central Asia sends connotations of vast steppes, mountainous areas and memories of the ancient Silk and Spice Routes that enabled the region to become a hub for trade in Eurasia before and during the Middle Ages. While the region may have seen […]

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